100mm Bottom Connection

Hydraulic Pressure gauges to read pressure in a hydraulic system and are an esential safety feature to prevent over pressure and damage to your system.

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Code Description Pressure Range PSI Style Stock Price Quantity
100SM100 100psi Dial Pressure Gauge 0-100 Delivery in 5 working days. £21.14 (exc VAT)
100SM200 200psi Dial Pressure Gauge 0-200 Delivery in 30 working days. £22.18 (exc VAT)
100SM300 300psi Dial Pressure Gauge 0-300 Delivery in 2 working days. £23.20 (exc VAT)
100SM1000 1000psi Dial Pressure Gauge 0-1,000 Delivery in 30 working days. £24.14 (exc VAT)
100SM1500 1500psi Dial Pressure Gauge 0-1,500 1 in stock £24.14 (exc VAT)
100SM2000 2000psi Dial Pressure Gauge 0-2,000 Delivery in 30 working days. £24.14 (exc VAT)
100SM3000 3000psi Dial Pressure Gauge 0-3,000 1 in stock £24.14 (exc VAT)
100SM4000 4000psi Dial Pressure Gauge 0-4,000 Delivery in 4 working days. £24.14 (exc VAT)
100SM5000 5000psi Dial Pressure Gauge 0-5,000 Delivery in 30 working days. £24.14 (exc VAT)
100SM6000 6000psi Dial Pressure Gauge 0-6,000 Delivery in 30 working days. £24.14 (exc VAT)
100SM10000 10000psi Dial Pressure Gauge 0-10,000 Delivery in 11 working days. £33.98 (exc VAT)