3 Port Flow Control Valve

Use and Operation

This valve keeps the flow out of the P port constant regardless of changes in pressure and diverts the excess flow to port B. Port B is also pressure compensated.

Materials and features

Body: Zinc-plated steel for 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" valves, 1" valve if the body is made of Aluminium.
Seals: BUNA N standard

How to apply this

Connect port E to the pressure and flow source and port P either to the actuator or or the line in the circuit that needs flow control. Port B should be connected to the second service or tank. Adjustment of the flow rate is made by screwing the hand wheel clockwise to decrease flow anti clockwise to increase flow there is is a lock nut to lock off the adjustment.

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Code Description Max Inlet Flow Litres Per Minute Max Adjusted Flow Litres per minute Max Pressure in Bar Stock Price Quantity
VPR3 3/8 3/8" BSP Ported 50 40 350 2 in stock £128.28 (exc VAT)
VPR3 1/2 1/2" BSP Ported 85 60 350 2 in stock £131.25 (exc VAT)
VPR3 3/4 3/4" BSP Ported 150 90 350 1 in stock £225.33 (exc VAT)
VPR3 1 1" BSP Ported 250 150 210 Delivery in 56 working days. £273.81 (exc VAT)