BSP Weldable Tank Bosses

BSP Tank Bosses are a specialist product for welding into hydraulic tanks to form Ports for suction, return or drain lines.

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Code Description Stock Price Quantity
M0203 1/8" BSP Boss Mild Steel ø19mm L=30mm 40 in stock £4.62 (exc VAT)
M0204 1/4" BSP Boss Mild Steel ø25mm L=30mm 5 in stock £14.70 (exc VAT)
M0204 STAINLESS STEEL 1/4" BSP Boss Stainless Steel 9 in stock £19.11 (exc VAT)
M0205 3/8" BSP Boss - Mild Steel ø25mm L=25mm 12 in stock £9.14 (exc VAT)
M0206 1/2" BSP Boss Mild Steel ø33mm L=35mm 9 in stock £9.14 (exc VAT)
M0206 STAINLESS STEEL 1/2" BSP Boss Stainless Steel 316 5 in stock £20.33 (exc VAT)
M0207 3/4" BSP Boss Mild Steel ø38mm L=42mm 10 in stock £13.71 (exc VAT)
M0208 1" BSP Boss Mild Steel ø44mm L=45mm 27 in stock £15.23 (exc VAT)
M0208 S/S 304 1" BSP Weldable Threaded Boss Stainless Steel 304 2 in stock £19.95 (exc VAT)
M0208 S/S 316 1" BSP Weldable Threaded Boss Stainless Steel 316 Delivery in 7 working days. £32.34 (exc VAT)
M0209 1-1/4" BSP Boss Mild Steel ø57mm L=60mm 11 in stock £16.70 (exc VAT)
M0210 1-1/2" BSP Boss Mild Steel ø65mm L=60mm 33 in stock £28.41 (exc VAT)
M0211 1-3/4" BSP Boss Mild Steel Delivery in 5 working days. £45.50 (exc VAT)
M0212 2" BSP Boss Mild Steel 10 in stock £26.67 (exc VAT)