OMT Filter Indicators

We have a large range of Filter indicator products in stock including visual clogging indicators and electrical indicators.   Please contact our technical sales team if you don't see what you are looking for here.

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Code Description Stock Price Quantity
PE3 Electrical Pressure Switch Set @ 1.3 bar Delivery in 30 working days. £124.20 (exc VAT)
PE2 Electrical Pressure Switch Set @ 1.3 Bar Normally Closed 10 in stock £35.58 (exc VAT)
PE1 Electrical Pressure Switch Set @ 1.3 bar Normally Open 3 in stock £35.58 (exc VAT)
FILTER INDICATOR GAUGE 0-12 bar Green/Yellow/Red Face for OMTF and OMTI Filters 142 in stock £8.55 (exc VAT)
PV1 Pressure Gauge 0-12 Bar for Return Line Spin On Filter 22 in stock £8.78 (exc VAT)