Foot Mounting Brackets

Manufactured in high resistance alluminium alloy, these flanges are used to support our bellhousings with a standard B5 flange up to an external diameter of the motor of Ø 350 mm. From Ø 400 upwards these foot flanges are made of steel.

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Code Description Stock Price Quantity
P160 Foot Mounting Bracket for 71 Frame Motor 1 in stock £11.63 (exc VAT)
P200 Foot Mounting Bracket 80/90 Frame Motor 6 in stock £15.93 (exc VAT)
P250 Foot Mounting Bracket 100/112 Frame Motor 2 in stock £26.33 (exc VAT)
P300 Foot Mounting Bracket for 132 Frame Motor 1 in stock £35.44 (exc VAT)
P350 Foot Mounting Bracket for 160/180 Frame Electric Motor 1 in stock £61.58 (exc VAT)