Hydraulic Test Points

This is just a small selection of the hydraulic test points that we have available.  Please contact our technical sales team for assistance.

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Code Description Stock Price Quantity
TP2000-BF TEST POINT 16x2 - 1/4"BSP in stock £12.90 (exc VAT)
TP2000-CF TEST POINT 16x2 - 3/8"BSP Delivery in 2 working days. £12.90 (exc VAT)
TP3000-2 TEST POINT 16x2 Male - 1/4" Gauge Adaptor in stock £15.50 (exc VAT)
TP6100-2 TEST POINT 16x2 Male - 16x2 Male Adaptor in stock £15.50 (exc VAT)
TP7000-2 TEST POINT 16x2 Female - 1/4" Gauge Adaptor in stock £12.90 (exc VAT)