Reversible Mechanical Clutches

These Clutches can be used as uni or bi directional units.

We recommend that the clutch is only engaged and disengaged when the hydraulic sytem is unloaded and when the speed is less than 1800 rpm.

Use SAE 90 oil. Change oil every 12 months.

Max Working temperature +80°C
Min Working temperature -10°C

No detailed specifications are available for this product.

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Code Description Model Max Torque daNm Max Speed RPM Max Power HP Axial Load Mounting Flange For Output Spline Input Shaft Spline Adaptor to suit For More Information Click on the Stock Price Quantity
30100-RV Reversible Mechanical Clutch for Groups 1 and 2 30100-RV 9 2000 48 120 daN Group 1 or 2 Pumps 25x22 Din 5482 (Z.14) Tooth 20mm diameter 6mm key 10003 for group 1 pump 10005 for group 2 pump Photo above in stock £244.97 (exc VAT)
30300-RV Reversible Mechanical Clutch for Groups 2 and 3 Gear Pumps 30300-RV 18.5 2700 58 160 daN Group 2 or 3 Pumps 35x31 DIN 5482 (Z.18) 18 Tooth 28mm Diameter 8mm Key 10012 For Group 2 Pumps 10014 For Group 3 Pumps Photo Above in stock £306.94 (exc VAT)
30500-RV Reversible Mechanical Clutch for Groups 3, 3.5 and 4 30500-RV 58 2700 100 260 Group 3, 3.5 or 4 Pumps 48x44 Din 5482 (Z.23) 23 Tooth. 42mm diameter 12mm key 10020 Group 3.5 pump with 4.76mm key 10057 for 5mm key 10021 for Group 4 Photo above in stock £663.64 (exc VAT)
30402 FLANGE GP3.5 & BOLTS 30500-RV in stock £68.97 (exc VAT)