Rubber Replacement Elements

Rubber replacement spiders for drive couplings.  This is just a small selection of the hydraulic products that we have available.  Please contact our technical sales team for assistance.

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Code Description Stock Price Quantity
R42 Spider for ND48 size coupling 19mm bore 101 in stock £1.82 (exc VAT)
R62 Spider for ND65 size coupling 29mm bore 158 in stock £3.06 (exc VAT)
R82 Spider for ND86 size coupling 31.5mm 109 in stock £4.50 (exc VAT)
R103 Spider for ND108 size coupling 42mm bore 56 in stock £6.31 (exc VAT)
R132 Spider for ND143 size coupling 28 in stock £15.10 (exc VAT)