Splined Couplings

Spline half-couplings, bars, couplings and chain couplings are made of heat treated steel.

*Half-couplings marked with * are made of hardened and tempered steel and are subjected to nitrididing with mechanical resistance.

No detailed specifications are available for this product.

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Code Description Model Description Spline Stock Price Quantity
10003 Splined coupling for Group 1 2.4mm Key 25x22 14t 1BF2-1-1 10003 For Group 1 Pump 25 x 22 40 in stock £8.03 (exc VAT)
10005 Splined coupling for Group 2 Pump 3.2mm Key x 25x22 14t BF2 37 in stock £6.92 (exc VAT)
10044 Splined Coupling Group 2 Pump 4mm Key 35x31 18 tooth BF32T 10 in stock £9.14 (exc VAT)
10026 Splined Coupling Group 2 Pump 4mm Key 25x22 14 tooth BF2T 9 in stock £6.92 (exc VAT)
10035 Splined Coupling Group 2 Pump 4mm Key 28x25 15 tooth BF2TZ15 5 in stock £10.66 (exc VAT)
10014 Splined Coupling Group 3 pump 4mm Key to 35x31 18t BF3 10 in stock £8.18 (exc VAT)
10010 Splined coupling Group 1 Pump 2.4mm Key to 35x31 18t Delivery in 33 working days. £16.32 (exc VAT)
10012 Splined Coupling Group 2 Pump 3.2mm Key to 35X31 18t 2 in stock £9.14 (exc VAT)
10021 Splined Coupling Group 4 Pump 6.35mm Key 48x44 23 tooth BF4 2 in stock £17.17 (exc VAT)
10020 Splined Coupling Group 3.5Pump 4.76mm Key 48x44 23t BF4/3.5 6 in stock £18.39 (exc VAT)
10057 Splined Coupling Grp. 3.5 Pump 5mm Key 48x44 18t BF4/3.5M Delivery in 30 working days. £18.39 (exc VAT)