2"BSP Suction Strainer 150L/Min 0.3Bar By-pass

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2"BSP Suction Strainer 150L/Min 0.3Bar By-pass

Part no. AS 100-81K


In the suction line of pumps of hydraulic or lubricating circuits.

Performance features
Protection against malfunction:
By full-flow filtration in the suction line, particularly the pumps are protected from coarse dirt particles that have remained in the system after manufacture or repair, or enter the system when it is filled with oil.

Special features
The robust construction with end caps, inner core and mesh screen material, all out of metal, offfers the following advantages:
 › maximum reliability at increased operating temperatures
 › enormous shock and vibration resistance

Flow direction from outside to centre.

 The star-shaped pleating of the filter material results in:
› large filter surfaces
› low pressure drop
› long service life

Filter maintenance
› Cleaning in ultrasonic bath for a few minutes. As an alternative, put suction filter in cleaning agent for approx. 15 minutes and remove dirt from the outside using a brush.
› Then flush with fresh cleaning fluid from the inside to the outside. › Blow out with compressed air from the inside to the outside. In any case, be careful that no dirt enters the inner side (clean oil side) of the suction filter

Part NumberAS 100-81K
Nominal Flow150 l/min

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