Racor Element 1000Turbine 10 micron

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Racor replacement Fuel Filter/Water Sepatator Element 180 Gallons per Minute or 680 litre per minute.

10 Micron Rating for 1000 series Turbine Assemblies.

Order Genuine Parker Racor Aquabloc II replacement elements from Phoenix Marine Solutions. Be sure to specify both the size of the Racor element and the micron rating.

With every Racor replacement element you receive a complete seal kit. Racor seals are specially formulated and tested for endurance.

For convenience Racor end-caps are color coded for easy identification and application:
Red for 30 micron primary filtrations blue for 10 micron primary or secondary and brown for 2 micron secondary/final filtration.

Delivery time 7
Replacement Fuel Filter/Water Sepatator Element
Max Flow 180 Gallons per Minute 680 litre per minute
Filter Rating 10 Micron
Port/Connection Size N/A
Additional detail For 1000 series Turbine Assemblies
Trade/Brand Name Racor
Identified by Blue end cap