Phoenix Hydraulics specialises in hydraulic valves, with a large range that includes monoblock lever valves, circuit valves and CETOP valves.

Our range includes:

• Single and double pilot operated check valves

• Relief valves and dual cross line relief valves

• Flow regulator valves, flow control valves, check valves

• Needle valves

• Two-way flow divider valves

• Over centre valves

• High-pressure ball valves

• Two pump hi-low unloading valves

• Sequence valves

• End stroke valves and diverter valves

• Plough overturning valves

• Rotating couplings

• Fittings for mounting valves

A hydraulic valve is used to direct the flow of a liquid medium such as oil through a hydraulic system, with a spool determining the direction of the oil flow. A hydraulic system functions by using valves, so you must always use the appropriate type of valve to serve your purpose.

Our valves are available in many sizes and with various mounting styles such as subplate mounting, flanged mounting or mounting in pipe lines as cartridge valves with a threaded connection. There are three main categories of valves: pressure control valves, directional control valves and flow control valves. Each has a different function in a hydraulic system.

Adjusting the direction and flow of the fluid or switching at a certain pressure, check valves allow the free flow of the fluid in one direction and block the flow in the opposite direction. In the case of a pressure control valve switch, the switching pressure can be adjusted. With flow control valves, the flow is regulated by adjusting the size of the bore or orifice.

Phoenix Hydraulics has a wide range of valves in stock, so if you can't find what you're looking for on our website, please contact our experienced technical sales team. We're always happy to discuss your project requirements with a view to finding the perfect product for your needs.