Phoenix’s machinists are backed by more than three decades’ worth of expertise, state-of-the-art technology and significant experience working in industries including oil and gas, automotive and marine. Phoenix proudly works to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Precision engineering for your specific needs

When you subcontract Phoenix CNC machining services you’re accessing our comprehensive milling and turning capabilities. On a daily basis we are producing high-precision components and regularly working within +/- 0.01 tolerances in our machine shop.

Our manufacturing facilities in Peterborough offer start-to-finish services, including design, fabrication, assembly, water jet cutting, painting, finishing and more.

Explore our capabilities below and get in touch for bespoke solutions to meet your requirements.


  • Nylon
  • Delrin
  • Acetal
  • PEEK
  • All aluminium grades
  • Phosphor bronze and other yellow metals
  • All steel grades
  • All stainless steel grades
  • Duplex materials including F51 and Titanium
MachineChuck sizeBar capacityMax. turning diameterMax. turning lengthFeatures and benefits
DN Solutions Puma 2600M 10" 80 mm 376 mm 760 mm
  • Milling capabilities
  • Bar feed facilities
  • Tailstock with a programmable B Axis
  • Fast turnaround
DN Solutions Puma DNT2600 10" 80 mm 460 mm 658 mm
  • Heavy-duty standard turning centre
  • Large work areas
  • High reliability
  • Bar feed facilities
  • Tailstock with a programmable B Axis
XYZ SLX 555 1.75M 12" 115 mm 400 mm 1650 mm
  • Suitable for manual work and short-run production
  • High precision
  • Complete control
  • Fast turnaround
XYZ TC 320 LTY 12" 78 mm 320 mm 550 mm
  • Large Y axis turning centre
  • Versatility
  • Bar feed facilities
MachineWork envelopTool capaityRPMFeatures and benefits
Haas VF4-SS 1270 x 508 x 635 mm 30+1 12,000
  • 3-axis with a 5th axis trunnion
  • Renishaw probing
Haas VF-4 1270 x 508 x 635 mm 20 8,100
  • Vertical machining centre
Haas VF-2 762 x 406 x 508 mm 20 8,100
  • 4-axis facilities
  • Fast turnaround times


Phoenix’s precision machining team uses Fusion 360 for both 5th and 4th axis milling and turning with live tooling. Our designers and engineers ideate, create, collaborate and manage development processes through an integrated suite of design software programs.

  • Flexible 3D modelling and design
  • Sheet metal part creation
  • FEA verification, test and simulation
  • Integrated CAD and CAM
  • Interactive assemblies
  • Innovative generative design­
  • Photo-realistic rendering and documentation

Quality Assurance

Phoenix takes pride in delivering precision-engineered parts and components that surpass industry standards. Quality assurance is a top priority at every stage of our process, and we guarantee that each piece leaving our facility undergoes rigorous checks in our dedicated and fully equipped inspection room, for which we can provide customised reports.

We strictly adhere to the standards outlined in ISO 9001:2015 and have invested over £300,000 in machinery between 2022 and 2023 to ensure our team has access to state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Our commitment extends to the implementation and continual maintenance of all our machinery and equipment.

Our quality policy is closely aligned with both our organizational goals and the expectations of our esteemed customers. To enhance its effectiveness, we take proactive measures to foster understanding, implementation, and maintenance of the policy at every level of our organisation.

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