For the best selection of hydraulic pumps on the market, Phoenix Hydraulics is hard to beat thanks to our extensive range of premium products - our Parker pumps are renowned for being the highest-quality choice for any type of hydraulic system. Our wide product range includes hand pumps, motor pump sets, gear pumps and piston pumps, as well as a selection of pump accessories.

As the power source, the pump is the most critical component of your hydraulic system. Hydraulic pumps provide power for numerous dynamic machines by pushing a large amount of oil through hydraulic motors or hydraulic cylinders. They convert the mechanical energy of the drive - the torque or speed - into hydrostatic energy. Hydraulic machines equipped with a pump can be used for different types of work including lifting, lowering, opening, closing or rotating components.

With mechanically sealed chambers within the pump, they operate using the displacement principle. Fluid is transported through the chambers from the suction port or inlet of the hydraulic pump to the pressure port or outlet. The sealed chambers are in place to make sure there's no direct connection between the pump's two ports. The pumps are therefore suitable for operation at high system pressures, making them ideal for hydraulics.

Hydraulic pumps are manufactured with a large range of configurations and design principles taken into consideration. Not every pump meets all requirements, so several types are manufactured for different applications.

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