Phoenix Hydraulics supplies a large range of hydraulic filters. With competitive prices and quick dispatch rates, we continue to provide high levels of customer satisfaction.

As a vital component of any hydraulic system, filters assure reliable performance and the increased lifespan of machinery, components and systems. Top quality filtration products provide the ultimate performance in terms of:

• Long service life

• High-pressure stability

• Low pressure drops

• High contamination retention capacity


Phoenix Hydraulics assures:

• Hydraulic filters for a diverse range of applications

• An extensive model range

• A wide selection of filtration ratings

• The best filter materials on the market for specific applications

To reduce downtime, every business wants the best protection for their machinery. By relying on top quality filtration, this will increase component protection and help to keep operations up and running.

Hydraulic filters protect hydraulic systems from the damage caused by oil/hydraulic fluid contamination. Your systems are at risk because around one million particles enter a hydraulic system every minute, with the potential to cause damage to components. Hydraulic oil can be contaminated very easily, so to increase the lifetime of the hydraulic components, a good hydraulic filtration system is vital.

When metal parts enter hydraulic system oil, especially powerful catalysts such as copper and iron, they will accelerate its degradation. Effective filtration continually removes these particles while cleaning the oil. A hydraulic filter's performance is based on the efficiency of its contamination removal, which is why it's necessary for filters to remove dirt and particles continuously.

Every hydraulic system commonly needs more than one filter. There are filters between the actuators and the pump - known as pressure filters - and additional filters between the tanks and actuators - referred to as return line or low-pressure filters.

Phoenix Hydraulics supplies hydraulic filters from Argo Hytos, Parker, OMT and Racor - we have large stocks from all these manufacturers. View the products in our online shop and if you can't see what you need, please don't hesitate to contact us. New products are added all the time and our knowledgeable and friendly advisors are always happy to help locate your exact requirements.