Parker Group 3 Gear Pumps

PGP 500 Parker Gear pumps offer superior performance, high efficiency and low noise operation at high operating pressures.
They are produced in three frame sizes (PGP 503, PGP 511, PGP 517) with displacements ranging from 0.8 to 70 cm³/rev. A wide variety of standard options are available to meet specific application requirements.
Pump type Heavy-duty, aluminium, external gear.
Mounting options SAE, rectangular, thru-bolt standard specials on request.
Ports SAE and metric split flanges and others
Shaft style SAE splined, keyed, tapered, cylindrical tang drive, specials on request .
Speed 500 - 4000 rpm.
Drive direct with flexible coupling is recommended.
Units subject to axial or radial loads must be specified with an outboard bearing.
Inlet pressure Operating range 0.8 to 2 bar abs.
Min. inlet pressure 0.5 bar abs. Short time without load. Consultation is recommended.
Hydraulic fluids Hydraulic oil H-LP, DIN 51525
Fluid temperature Range of operating temperature -15 to +80°C.
Max. permissible operating pressure dependent on fluid temperature.
Temperature for cold start -20 to -15°C at speed = 1500 rpm.
Max. permissible operating pressure dependent on fluid temperature.
Fluid viscosity Range of operating viscosity 8 to 1000 mm²/s.
Max. permissible operating pressure dependent on viscosity.
Viscosity range for cold start 1000 to 2000 mm²/s at operating pressure p=10 bar and speed n=1500 rpm.
Range of ambient temperature -40°C - +70°C
Filtration According to ISO 4406 Cl. 16/13
Direction of rotation Clockwise, counter-clockwise or dual.
Multiple pumps available in tandems or triples.
Max. shaft loading must be conform to the limitations shown in the shaft loading rating table in the catalogue.
Max. load is determined by adding the torque values for each pumping section that will be simultaneously loaded.

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Code Description Displacement Flow @ 1500rpm in l/min Continuous Pressure Bar Max Speed RPM Rotation Looking on shaft Stock Price Quantity
3339111329 Gear Pump PGP517M0230CT1D7NL3L2B1B1 23 34.5 250 3,300 Clockwise 1 in stock £320.22 (exc VAT)
3339111331 Group 3 Gear Pump 28cc/rev CW PGP517M0280CT1D7NL3L2B1B1 28 42 250 3,100 Clockwise 5 in stock £331.81 (exc VAT)
3339111332 Group 3 Gear Pump 33cc/rev CW PGP517M0330CT1D7NL3L2B1B1 33 49.5 250 3,000 Clockwise 5 in stock £335.27 (exc VAT)
3339111334 Group 3 Gear Pump 38cc/rev CW PGP517M0380CT1D7NL3L2B1B1 38 57 250 3,000 Clockwise 3 in stock £335.27 (exc VAT)
3339111335 Group 3 Gear Pump 44cc/rev CW PGP517M0440CT1D7NL3L2B1B1 44 66 220 2,800 Clockwise 6 in stock £341.05 (exc VAT)
3339111336 Group 3 Gear Pump 52cc/rev CW PGP517M0520CT1D7NL3L2B1B1 52 78 200 2,700 Clockwise 7 in stock £356.07 (exc VAT)
3339111337 Group 3 Gear Pump 58cc/rev CW PGP517M0580CT1D7NL3L3B1B1 58 87 160 2,400 Clockwise 2 in stock £372.25 (exc VAT)
3339111325 Group 3 Gear Pump 70cc/rev CW PGP517M0700CT1D7NL3L3B1B1 70 105 160 2,400 Clockwise 2 in stock £395.38 (exc VAT)
3911822071 Grp 3 Nitrile Seal Kit 1 in stock £59.76 (exc VAT)
3339111325-A 3339111325-A GP3 70.0CC ANTI CLOCKWISE GEAR PUMP 70CC 105L/min 160 Bar 2400 Anti Clock wise 3 in stock £325.24 (exc VAT)