45cc Dbl Acting Hand Pump 5L Steel Tank

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The AEP-53 hydraulic hand pump is a complete power source to operate a double acting cylinder in small cost effective package. We have chosen to focus our stocks on the steel tank for this hydraulic hand pump because you have told us that the more frequently seen aluminium and plastic tanks are too fragile. We will supply aluminium and plastic tanks if that is what you require.

The AEP-53 range has two outlet ports and a valve to switch between the outlets so that a double acting cylinder can be controlled from the hand pump. There is also an adjustable relief valve in the hydraulic hand pump to limit the maximum pressure which is factory set at 100 bar 1 450 psi but you can set it to suit your application see the PDF instructions below. The exposed piston is protected by a bellows. All these features add up to a highly competent package for you to use on your application with a low cost quick delivery and 100% guarantee of quality.

AEP-K6-0600 lever is required with each hydraulic hand pump.
Delivery time 21
Double Acting Hydraulic hand pumps
Tank 5 litres
Pressure Range 25-280 bar
Handle AEP-K-0600 bought separately