Launched back in November 2003, sloop-rigged superyacht Mirabella V, designed by Ireland based Ron Holland is the biggest single-masted yacht in the world.

The Hamble-based company, High Modulus Ltd, was behind the technical elements of the hull and rig’s composite construction.

Credit: Wikipedia

She was originally constructed as one of a fleet of big charter yachts which the former Chair and CEO of car rental firm Avis owned. Joseph Vittoria was brought up on Long Island and he developed a love of sailing early on in life. He made his considerable wealth from playing a key role in the buyout and resale of the Avis organisation during the 1980s.

Mirabella V took her name from Vittoria’s earlier yachts but the vessel was renamed M5 when Rodney Lewis took ownership. The Texan billionaire founded the Lewis Energy Group (of which he is CEO) during the early ‘80s – today, it is a top natural gas producer across Texas. Lewis himself has a personal wealth estimated to be well over $1.5bn.

Mirabella V underwent a complete overhaul and restoration when Rodney Lewis purchased her. Phoenix Hydraulics undertook the hydraulic restoration and the Passerelle restoration, as well as re-engineering a folding side staircase to slew 90 degrees and fold away into the hull.

Traditionally, yachts measuring over 25 metres in length would have needed more than just one mast, so that the area of a boat’s sail could be split into smaller, more easily handled units. Modern technology has made larger sails and spars more reliable and simpler to handle. This meant Mirabella V could be built with the biggest mast and job of any sailing vessel ever made. Constructed from carbon fibre, at 88.3m her mast is the highest to be found anywhere, carrying some 3,717-sq. m of sail.

Boats this size are usually made of aluminium or steel but for Mirabella V, a sandwich build of aramid foam core/vinyl ester was chosen. This meant delivery could be quicker, maintenance was less of an issue since no regular repainting would be needed and acoustic thermal insulation was also enhanced.

There’s a displacement grp hull and superstructure, while Mirabella’s decks are made of teak. With a top speed of 13 knots, cruising speed is 10 knots. She’s powered by 2 MTU diesel engines and is able to carry 60,000 litres of fuel.

Accommodation comprises a full-beam master suite found on the main deck, alongside half a dozen cabins for up to 12 guests and space for up to 14 crew. Two recesses on the foredeck serve as swimming pools and storage areas for a couple of launches.

Other on-board amenities include a saloon, dining room, gym and sauna. There’s a roomy sky deck for lounging, taking part in the helming or for up to 20 lunch or dinner guests who might want to catch a widescreen surround-sound movie in the cinema afterwards. The foredeck offers a freshwater spa, while the mast lift takes three and affords stunning views.

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