Every superyacht needs a name...but how do you go about choosing? While some opt for the humorous, the original or just plain weird (some of the best yacht names we've seen include Tax Seavasion, Nauti Buoy and Privacy - which is pretty unlikely, especially when owned by golfer Tiger Woods) - but with so many crafts now on the water, some yacht owners will find that their chosen name may be less original than they first thought.

Certain names, such as those listed below, are always more popular than others - so if you're looking for a novel choice, the following options are best avoided...


An unsurprising choice of name for a superyacht, if you think about it. Owning such a craft offers a huge amount of freedom, giving keen sailors the opportunity to enjoy heading out onto the open water whenever the mood takes them.


Across the globe, there are at least ten different superyachts bearing the Serenity name. Defined as "the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled", Serenity, like Freedom, is another name that is chosen for the feelings that being out on the water evokes for the superyachts' owners.

Carpe Diem

"Seize the day", is the translation of this well-known Latin motto, and multiple superyacht owners have seized the name as their own too. It's a name that suggests power, determination and strength - all positive attributes, and we can definitely see the appeal.


From Latin to Italian, and from "seize the day" to "let's go". While some may be surprised at the inclusion of an Italian name in a list of the most popular superyacht names, it makes sense: Italy is one of the most prolific yacht building nations in the world.


It's unclear why Aurora is such a popular superyacht name: it's a Latin word which literally translates as "dawn", and is also used to refer to a natural electrical phenomenon in the sky such as "aurora borealis" - the Northern Lights. In 2017 alone, there were two major new launches that took the Aurora name.


There are at least eight superyachts with this name, making it another of the world's most popular choices. Owning a superyacht is a huge achievement: a status symbol that some believe was their fate. And they're happy to show it with their choice of name for their craft.


Our last pick is a name that's been given to at least seven superyachts across the globe - with others, such as "Magnificent Escape" and "Secret Escape" using the word as part of their name. Again, it's a fitting choice for such a vessel: heading out to sea on a superyacht is, in our eyes, the ideal way to escape from the stress and pressure of everyday life, and enjoy some time to truly relax.

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