Cetop 3 12VDC 4/2 DVCP-T A&B Blocked

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Directional Control Valve

The D1VW is a 3 chamber electrically controlled 4/3 of 4/2 way directional control valve. It is activated directly by solenoids with screwed in wet pin armature. The coils can be exchanged for various input voltages however a change between alternating (AC) and direct current (DC) is not possible.

Design: Directional spool valve. Size: DIN NG6/CETOP 03/NFPA D03 Mounting position: Unrestricted preferably horizontal.
Environmental temp. : -25 to +50 (C)
Weight: Valve with 1 solenoid: 1.5kg Valve with 2 solenoids: 2.1kg
Interface: DIN 24340 A6/ISO 4401/CETOP RP 121-H/NFPA D03
Mounting bolts: 4xDIN 912 M5x30-12.9; torque 8.1 Nm +/- 10%; ordering code BK 375

Fluids: Hydraulic oil in accordance with DIN 51524/51525 Fluid temperature: -25 to +70 (C)
Viscosity Range: 2.8 to 400mm²/s (2.8 to 400 cSt)
Working pressure: P.A and B - 350 bar T - DC: 210 bar AC: Standard: 105 bar Code 'H': 210 bar

Leakage ?p= 50 bar; v= 35mm²/s: Up to 10 ml/min per flow path depending on spool.
Max. flow: 80 l/min
Max. contamination levels: NADS 1638 class 7-9 to be achieved with β>75

Delivery time 5
Bolt Size M5
Max Bar 350
Electrical Connection Hirschman Plug