Electromagnetic Clutches

These electromagnetic clutches require running in to obtain the rated torque values. To run the unit in you should engage and disengage the clutch several times at high speed but with the hydraulic system unloaded.

When fitting theclutch please clean the pulley carefully to ensure that no oil or grease is left on the pulley.

When fitting clutches with front driving flange check for correct coupling alignment.

Do not exceed the maximum rated torque as thiswould cause the clutch to slip and if this lasts for more than 5 seconds the coils would burn out.

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30901-P-12 Electromagnetic Clutch Max Torq 9 GR1&2 30901-P-12 1 in stock
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30929-P-12 Electromagnetic Clutch Max Torq 14 12VDC 30929-P-12 0 in stock
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30930-P-24 Electromagnetic Clutch Max Torq 14 24VDC 30930-P-24 1 in stock
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Electromagnetic Clutches