MB Lever Valve+Relief 1B DA Spool 3Pos

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MB25 series of 1 to 6 bank monoblock hydraulic mobile lever valves are designed for a maximum flow rate of 45 litres per minute with a maximum pressure of 250 bar on P A and B 40 on the tank port.
The lever pivots are fully sealed and the internal mechanism is greased for further protection against corrosion.
The spools are hard chromium plated to resist corrosion and wear.
The valves are suitable for use with mineral oil in the temperature range 0-80° C.
MB60 valves can be supplied in a wide range of configurations.
Close centre spools
3 position spring return
2 or 3 position detent
4 position spools with regenerative position.
Pneumatic pilot
Oil pilot
Relief valves on A and B ports
Cross line reliefs on A and B ports
Pilot operated check valves on A and B ports
A wide range of centre configurations

We are also stock high pressure carry over plugs so that another valve can be connected as well as closed centre plugs if pressure to tank in the centre position is not required.

We are constantly adding products to this webshop. This is only a small selection of the products that we have available. If you don't see what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact our experienced technical sales team on 01733 234800 or email us from the contact page on this website.Phoenix Hydraulics have a large range of log splitter hydraulics.

This valve is ideal for small log splitters for flow rates up to 40 litres per minute (8.5 gallons per minute) maximum pressure 250 Bar (3.600 psi)

With the lever in the centre position flow is diverted to tank at low pressure. Push the lever forwardfor the cylinder to extend. Pull the lever the cylinder will retract. When you let go of the lever it returns to its centre position. There is a relief valve built into the valve so that the maximum pressure can be set to protect yourlog splitter.

Delivery time 36
Max Bar 250
Number of Spools 1
Max Flow 45 L/Min
A,B and P ports 3/8" T port 1/2"
Spool 1 closest to the relief valve A & B ports blocked in centre Pressure to tank