MB Lever Valve+Relief 1B M Spool 3Pos

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MB25 series of 1 to 6 bank monoblock hydraulic mobile lever valves are designed for a maximum flow rate of 45 litres per minute with a maximum pressure of 250 bar on P A and B 40 on the tank port.
The lever pivots are fully sealedand the internal mechanism is greased for further protection against corrosion.
The spools are hard chromium plated to resist corrosion and wear.
The valves are suitable for use with mineral oil in the temperature range 0-80°C.
MB25 valves can be supplied in a wide range of configurations

Delivery time 30
Max Bar 250
Number of Spools 1
Max Flow 45 L/Min
A,B and P ports 3/8" T port 1/2"
Spool 1 closest to the relief valve A & B ports open to tank in centre Pressure to tank