Monoblock Lever Valve for Log Splitter

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Phoenix Hydraulics have a large range of log splitter hydraulics.

This hydraulic valve is specially made for log splitters with flow rates up to 48 litres per minute (10.5 gallons per minute) maximum pressure 250 Bar (3.600 psi)

With the lever in the centre position flow is diverted to tank at low pressure. Pull the lever back and it will enter into a detent position the cylinder will extend. There is no need to hold the lever in position it will stay in position until the pressure set on the kick out is reached when it will automatically kick out into the center/neutral position.

Push the lever forward for the cylinder to retract. When you let go of the lever it returns to its centre position. There is a relief valve built into the valve so that the maximum pressure can be set to protect your log splitter which is factor set at 160 bar. The pressure kick out valve is factory set at 105 bar but is also adjustable.

Phoenix Hydraulics are specialist in log splitter hydraulics.

This is probably the lowest price on the internet for this type and size of valve.

Delivery time 36
Max Bar 250
Number of Spools 1
Max Flow 48 litres per minute (10-5 GPM)
Relief Valve Range Up to 250 Bar
Spool 1 closest to the relief valve See description above
Special features/accessories Pressure kick out special feature for log splitters