63MM Dial PG 0-4bar 1/4" Bottom Connect

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63MM Dial Pressure Gauge 0-4 bar 1/4" Bottom Connection

We stock a wide range of Parker Hannifin Pressure Gauges.
Case: Natural finish Stainless steel.
Window: Non-splintering clear acrylic glass.
Movement: Cu alloy.
Dial: White plastic with pointer stop pin.
Pointer: Black Plastic
Liquid filling: Glycerine 99.7%.
Working pressure: Max. 75% of the full scale value.
Process temperature range: 0 C degrees to 60 C degrees max.
Accuracy 1.6% FSD.
Wetted parts connector: Copper alloy.
Bourdon tube: <60 bar="Cu" alloy="" c-type="" soft="" soldered="">60 bar =Cu alloy helical type soft soldered. IP Class: IP65.

Delivery time 4
Pressure Range 0-4 bar
Connector Type 1/4 Bottom Connection