801 Push-Lok Hose

Suitable for a variety of applications.A very flexible hose construction, available in a wide range of colours. Sizes up to -16. Synthetic rubber tube. Reinforced with a high tensile textile layer. High performance synthetic rubber cover in different colours.Suitable for light applications in all markets.Paper and Pump: water/air applications. Not permitted for use in air brake systems, not suitable for high dynamic pulsation systems and not recommended for motor fuels.Recommended Fluids: Air, dry, water, water-oil emulsions. (Mineral based hydraulic and lubricating oils with chemical and thermal (70C degrees) restriction).Temperature range: -40 up to +100 (C)Exception: Air: max. +70 Water: max. +85Fitting Series: 82*Hoses available in different colours e.g. '801-(hose size)-XXX-RLThe XXX can be filled by BLK, BLU,

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