Speed Reduction Gearboxes

Reduction Gear Boxes are used in conjunction with standard Gerotor or Geroller motors with 25mm shaft and 2 bolt flange increasing the torque and decreasing the speed by the stated ratio.

These gear boxes are used predominantly for installing hydraulic motors on self propelled farm machinery, earth moving equipment and marine installations.
Gearbox is made from aluminium.
Gears are made in accordance with ISO/DIN 3990-80 standards from steel.
Shafts are manufactured from steel the gears are keyed to it.
Torque values:
The torque values stated are for continuous duty they can be increased by 20% for intermittent duty.

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95001-5 Reduction Gearbox 3.5:1 35mm HollowShaft 95001-5 2 in stock
Incl. Tax £228.55
96001-4 Reduction Gearbox 3:1 35mm HollowShaft 96001-4 2 in stock
Incl. Tax £341.62
96001-5 Reduction Gearbox 3.5:1 35mm HollowShaft 96001-5 4 in stock
Incl. Tax £354.04
96001-6 Reduction Gearbox 3.8:1 35mm HollowShaft 96001-6 1 in stock
Incl. Tax £354.06
In stock
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Speed Reduction Gearboxes